Dr. Katrin Molina-Besch


Katrin Molina-Besch is a researcher and teacher in the Division of Packaging Logistics at Lund University. Her educational background is environmental engineering. In 2004, she moved to Sweden from Germany to study Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University. After receiving her Master’s Degree, she worked in Tetra Pak’s global environmental team with a focus on life cycle assessment. In 2012, Katrin returned to Lund University as a PhD student. In 2018, Katrin defended her doctoral thesis on the development of packaging for green food supply chains.

Her thesis explores how companies handle environmental requirements during packaging development and provides knowledge about how different environmental requirements should be prioritized in packaging development to reduce the overall environmental impact in the food supply chain. Katrin is also responsible for the Master level course “Packaging technology and development” at Lund University.