Nathalie Berezina


Nathalie Berezina serves as CEO at Norbite, the company she has founded, and CTO at FlyFeed, companies focusing on the utilisation of insects to transform different kinds of organic wastes, plastic, and polymeric materials for Norbite and agro-industrial by-products for FlyFeed. Prior to founding Norbite, Nathalie served as CSO and IP representative at Ynsect, French company focused on the insect industry, and as senior scientist and project leader in the field of green chemistry and industrial biotechnology at Materia Nova, Belgium. Renowned scientist, Nathalie has co-authored 30+ peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and 20 patents, she also serves as expert and reviewer for several governments, grant agencies and international journals; and as invited lecturer for several universities. Nathalie has obtained MSc in Chemistry at the University of Haute Alsace, France, MSc in Chemical Engineering at the Chemical Engineering school of Mulhouse, ENSCMu, France, and a PhD at the University of the Mediterranean, France.