Oskar Lingqvist is the global leader of McKinsey’s Paper & Forest Products Practice, where he serves a range of clients, including four leading pulp, paper and packaging players in Europe and North America. Through his 10+ years, Oskar has also served leadership roles within Marketing & Sales, focusing on B2B sales, pricing, and other commercial topics.

His experience in the industry ranges from strategy efforts to operations and functional improvement programs. His contributions and roles included:

  • supporting a fixed cost improvement program at eight paper, pulp and packaging improvement mills, achieving on average 20% cost savings in 12 months for the client manufacturer
  • assisting in another total fixed cost improvement program for a leading European packaging player that covered all support & sales functions
  • managing an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement program covering over 10 packaging plants for a European packaging major
  • supporting the development of an integrated strategy (including operational improvements) for a leading global pulp producer
  • leading a multi-year lean transformation program at a major Swedish steel company

Oskar is a frequent contributor to online forums and at conferences devoted to industry and functional topics.