Liselott Lading


Liselott is an experienced change manager within digital transformation. She is at her best in the intersection between business, humans and technology. Liselott has a track record of inspiring, managing and growing teams that deliver measurable results with high levels of team satisfaction and experience from different perspectives: boards, CEO positions, consulting, interim management and direct management.

Her mission is to make sure that “digital transformation” is first and foremost a business transformation – involving humans as well as technology and business.

Liselott’s key expertise areas include:

  • Evaluation of company capabilities needed for new revenue streams to be executed (tech)
  • Identifying new customer journeys based on digitalization (retail, food industry, tourism, tech, etc.)
  • Planning vision, mission and key activities for a data-driven agenda (tech)
  • Mapping customer journeys, system and data flow, including compliance matters (tech)
  • Evaluating new business models from a system and data perspective (tech)